• Greb tentacle dildo rear view. Pastel pink in colour with pastel peach suckers. On a white background
  • Greb tentacle dildo rear view. Black in colour with green suckers. On a white background
  • Collage image of four different pour styles. Top left is signature colour, top right is marble fade colour gradient from top to bottom, bottom left is marble spiral, and bottom right is ribboned colours
  • Size sheet for Greb, showing 5 sizes relative to a standard drinks can. Below this is a table containing specific dimensions of each of the sizes
  • 25 swatches of colour, numbered from 1 to 25 left to right in each row with the colour names underneath each swatch
  • 29 swatches of colour, numbered from 26 to 54 left to right in each row with the colour names underneath each swatch
  • Greb
  • A table showing which of Tentickle's 4 sizes of double-sided suction cups are suitable for each of the 5 sizes of Woodsman
  • A jar of sweets, a pile of assorted stickers, a selection of mini silicone squishies and a fanned out pile of colourful aftercare cards


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The extra-terrestrial many-tentacled being known as Greb is a gnarly slow creature, very adept at feeling its way through the dark using its numerous appendages. Their sensitive tentacles secrete a viscous cream which aids in a fluid exploration of the surroundings.

Such is the empathic nature of their sensitive nerve endings, they can read the response of other organisms like an open book as they glide over. And inside...

Please read FAQs for advice on choosing the softness level and check the size chart in images before selecting a size. Check the photos for colour options and pour styles, and refer to the useful notes on MTO toys for further helpful information.

When picking colours for Greb, the colour placement for each pour style is as follows:


  • First colour - main body
  • Second colour - suckers
  • Third Colour - choose 'NO COLOUR' as there is no third colour for this particular signature

Marble Fade:

  • First colour - top colour
  • Second colour - middle colour
  • Third colour - bottom colour

Marble Spiral:

  • First and second colour - dominant spiral colours
  • Third colour - accent colour interwoven between first and second colours


  • First, second and third colours - equal amounts of colour interwoven in random ribbons

If you wish to have a solid single-colour toy, simply pick the same colour for all options.

Stuck for colour choice? Select 'Dealer's Choice' to spin the roulette wheel and have Fran choose your colour!

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the galleries of previous pours:

Like storing your toys in drawstring bags? Add a cute and sustainable Tentickle bag to your order!

Thinking of adding a double-sided suction cup to your toy? Check the table in the image gallery for help when choosing the appropriate size for your model.

100% platinum silicone.



There may be some variance in the colour dispersion compared to product photos due to the hand-poured nature of the toys.

Detail level depends on size of toy. Product photos are of medium-sized toys.

PLEASE USE TOYS SAFELY. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the appropriate use of Tentickle products.

Free squishy may have slight imperfections such as tiny air bubbles due to late stage of leftover silicone pour.