• Nemonee 'Beach Skate' #1 medium OO50 *NEW VIBE SLEEVE

Nemonee 'Beach Skate' #1 medium OO50 *NEW VIBE SLEEVE

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Nemonee 'Beach Skate'

Firmness: Medium (OO50)

Nemonee is a brand new vibe sleeve, designed to fit any standard bullet vibe. It features a circle of adorable nubbins at the tip, which transfer the vibrations very well!

Nemonee stands at 9.5cm/3.7" tall and 3.3cm/1.3" at the widest point. The internal channel measures 6cm/2.4" deep and 1.3cm/0.5" wide, which forms a nice snug fit around a standard bullet vibe (and some fingers too!). The ease of inserting the bullet depends on the firmness, and can be aided with a tiny amount of lube.

The video in the photo section shows how the nubbins flex and vibrate in the different firmness levels.


Free squishy may have slight imperfections such as tiny air bubbles due to late stage of leftover silicone pour.