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4 panel image of 4 fantasy sex toys. Each one has a two-colour fade and has small hand-painted ghosts on them 

Due to popular demand, 'SPOOKS PARADE' POURS ARE BACK!

And unlike last time, they can be requested on a Made-To-Order basis! This means you can pick the toy model, size and firmness of your 'Spooks Parade' toy. Not only this, but you can pick your two-colour fade AND glow-in-the-dark pigment will be added AT NO EXTRA COST!

What's more: normally these toys would be subject to a 5% upcharge, due to the additional time taken to hand-paint the moulds before pouring, but until the end of October there will be no extra charge on top of the Made-To-Order price!

Here's how to order: simply head to the Made-To-Order shop and pick the model, size and firmness of your toy and select any pour style (the pour selected doesn't matter). In the colour dropdown menu, you will notice 'SPECIAL: Spooks Parade' has been added. Select this for the first colour choice, and select your two chosen fade colours for the second and third colour option. The second colour dropdown choice will be at the top of your toy, and the third colour dropdown choice will be at the bottom of your toy.

For advice on choosing fade colours, please refer to the 'marble fade' notes here. The appearance and strength of the glow will depend on the base colour; the darker or more solid the colour, the less the glow may show. If you would prefer no glow, please add this to the order notes.


PLEASE NOTE: toys will not be repoured unless there is a flaw; either one which affects use or constitutes a significant aesthetic issue. As with normal Made-To-Order pours, preview photos are not offered before the toy is sent out. Please be patient with these orders, since hand-painted pours are time consuming. Orders may take slightly longer than the normal production/shipping times, depending on the order queue.