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The Tentickle Lab is up for experimenting during Pride month, BUT given the number of variabilities in flags/models/sizes/firmness we are offering SEMI-SURPRISE POURS. Pick your Made-To-Order toy, size, firmness and pour type as normal, then select 'DEALER'S CHOICE' in the colour options and write your chosen flag in the order notes. The chosen flag may include up to 5 colours, but nearly all of the flags can be recreated using a 5-colour pour plus a bit of blending between colours for the mid-tones (look out for Pride drops during June for full rainbow pours). If the necessary colours aren't available in the palette, they will be mixed up just for you! The pour type will be used as a guide but may be embellished, depending on the flag chosen. You may add a gentle nudge in the notes like "UV kicks ass!" or "I love pastels/glitter/mica" or "red = yuck". Just don't go too crazy with specifics! These Semi-Surprise Pride pours will be available from now until the end of June. 5% from each sale will go to LGBTQ+ charities.