Free UK shipping on orders over £100

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Shipping policy

Products are shipped worldwide from the UK in discreet packaging marked 'TT Products Ltd'. Packages are normally shipped on a Friday. Orders placed by the end of the day on Wednesday will normally be included in the shipment of orders on Friday of the same week. Please allow up to 14 days for domestic deliveries and up to 28 days for international deliveries.

Please note: If you are based outside of the UK your delivery may be subject to import taxes/VAT upon receiving your goods. Please check the rate applicable to your country and the value of your order.

FOR CUSTOMERS IN GERMANY: due to the new packaging regulations that came into force at the start of July 2022, an extra £2 has been added to shipping rates shown here for Europe. This covers the fees and admin required to adhere to the process for recycling parcel packaging introduced into Germany.