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Tentickle hates needless waste, and that is why steps are taken to reduce environmental impact where possible.

Your toys are packaged in sealed biodegradable bags and shipped in a cardboard box with recycled biodegradable paper padding (or upcycled packaging from previous deliveries). This also reduces product costs for customers due to the lack of branded packaging overheads.

Platsil silicone is durable and designed to last many years if appropriately cared for (see FAQs for aftercare advice). It is purchased from a UK supplier that obtains their products in large shipments from the US, which reduces the carbon footprint compared to ordering the silicone directly.

Small amounts of waste silicone are turned into little "squishies" which are passed onto customers as cute freebies!

Materials, tools and items used for the business are sourced as close to home as possible, and in some cases are sourced second-hand or intercepted before heading to landfill.

Items that are typically disposable, such as mixing cups/sticks and gloves, have been replaced with either reusable items or high quality disposables which can be reused a number of times.

Tentickle operates from a home-based workshop, which avoids the carbon footprint caused by commuting. Weekly dispatching of customer orders avoids excessive trips to the Post Office (as well as boosting the efficiency of the hand-making process).

Continuing efforts will be made to look at way things can improve and further offset environmental impact in the future.