Skwee large plug small base Birds Foot Violet super soft (OO20)

Skwee large plug small base Birds Foot Violet super soft (OO20)

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Size: Large plug, small base

Firmness: Super soft (OO20)

This t-base vagina plug has a shaft for internal use and a gently textured base for external stimulation or grinding play. Skwee can be worn under clothing as you move around to increase pleasure as you go about your day! (Depending on your anatomy, this may require firmly supportive underwear).

Available in 4 sizes, in a combination of 2 plug sizes and 2 base sizes.


Large Plug:

Total height - 12cm/4.7in, plug height: 11cm/4.3in, width of plug at widest point  - 4.5cm/1.7", circumference of plug - 15.8cm/6.2in.

Small Base:

Length of base - 15.5cm/6.1in, width of base at widest point - 4.7cm/1.8in


Please read FAQs for advice on choosing firmness level.

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Free squishy may have slight imperfections such as tiny air bubbles due to late stage of leftover silicone pour.