By Fran Tickle

Amy Gledhill Intimate Physical Therapy for Better Sexual Health

Amy recently reached out to other female/queer-led businesses which promoted subjects such as kink and sexual health. After reading about the valuable work her therapy brings to the sexual lives of many people, we decided to support each other with a mutual swapping of blog posts. Read more about the therapeutic services that Amy and Mike offer during their home treatments in Leicestershire:

Amy Gledhill Intimate Physical Therapy works with people of all genders and sexualities as individuals or couples to concentrate on issues within your partnered or solo sex life. Whether you're struggling with orgasm or aren't sure how to communicate with your partner on pleasure or want to build a better relationship with your body, we're here to help.

Since 2018, Amy and Mike have been building awareness of good sexual health through hands-on treatments, LGBT fairs and offering talks at Leicester General Hospital. They have worked with hundreds of people on intimate bodywork, guiding through genital workshops and advising on toys and lubricant to improve pleasure and assist through difficulties. All products we sell come recommended by us.

"These beautiful humans are professional, trustworthy and kind. They have a vast knowledge of their trade and a wonderful compassion for people. I fully vouch for Amy and Michael and wish them continued success with their already thriving business."

We offer a safe space to explore your body and ask the questions you feel you can't ask elsewhere with no judgement. Available for face to face appointments or via phone/video call.

For more information on treatments and how to book, feel free to browse our website at