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Fran Tickle here: as a company of one, I wear all the hats. I had the idea for Tentickle during a drunken night with a friend, as we talked rubbish and put the world to rights. Having spent 10+ years creating monsters and gore for Film and Theatre in the Special Effects industry, I was excited at the prospect of turning my skills to this new challenge. When COVID-19 hit the entertainment industries hard (and my initial panic subsided!), I spent my new-found free time getting Tentickle off the ground.

For the same reason that actors often wear platinum silicone prosthetics on their skin all day, I use platinum silicone due to its body-safe quality and flesh-like softness. Tentickle toys offer options for customisation by size, firmness and colour, which offers the chance to own a unique toy (or a talking point to display on a shelf!). Whilst I enjoy designing cute or weird creatures, I also pay attention to the pleasure-giving textures and shapes of the toys.

New product designs and types will be added as I work through my strange experiments. Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged from customers (please head over to the Contact page to get in touch). My aim is to please you!