Shipping + Returns


Products are shipped worldwide from the UK in discreet packaging marked 'TT Products Ltd'. Packages are normally shipped on a Friday. Orders placed by the end of the day on Wednesday will normally be included in the shipment of orders on Friday of the same week. Please allow up to 14 days for domestic deliveries and up to 28 days for international deliveries.

For ease of reference before purchase, the table below shows the shipping costs of a single item to various destinations. Multiple items may push up the shipping cost to the next weight bracket. If the total weight of your order exceeds 8kg (you'll get a "sorry, no shipping available" error), please contact for a shipping rate.

Tentickle toys shipping prices in a table format

Please note: If you are based outside of the UK your delivery may be subject to import taxes/VAT upon receiving your goods. Please check the rate applicable to your country and the value of your order.

FOR CUSTOMERS IN GERMANY: due to the new packaging regulations that came into force at the start of July 2022, an extra £2 has been added to shipping rates shown here for Europe. This covers the fees and admin required to adhere to the process for recycling parcel packaging introduced into Germany. 


Order cancellation requests must be sent by email ( or via the contact form within 2 hours of placement of the order. Cancellation requests outside of this window will not be honoured.


Due to the nature of the products, returns are not accepted for toys unless the wrong item has been shipped or there are major faults, such as splits and tears. Every effort is made to disclose faults resulting from the casting/demoulding process in the listing, such as trimmed surface bubbles and abrasions, but occasionally these may be missed. Minor mould flaws, like one or two subtle bumps or indents, resulting from the handmade nature of the mould, are occasionally expected and do not affect the safe use of the item. Other features of the handmade process to be expected include: hand-trimming of the base of the toy, pigment speckles/striations and subtle residual 3D print texture. 

Made-to-order toys will not be re-poured and exchanged unless a mistake has been made by Tentickle regarding the size, softness or colours used. All attempts are made to represent the colours correctly in the palette, but please be aware that there may be some variations on different monitors or screens due to brightness settings or quality.

Toys are sent in a sealed clear bag so that the product can be inspected before opening. PLEASE CHECK THE TOY BEFORE REMOVING IT FROM THE BAG, as once the item has been taken out it cannot be returned. Returns and refunds are not accepted due to customer misjudgement of the size of the item ordered, so please ensure you carefully consider the measurements in the listing before choosing your product.

Due to the hand-poured nature of the toys, a few small air bubbles may occasionally be present on the underside of the base of silicone items, though every care is take to ensure this is not normally the case. This does not affect the integrity or use of the item.