What are your toys made from?

Tentickle toys are made from 100% platinum silicone, which is the number one choice for premium soft sex toys. Specifically, the toys are made from Platsil products made by Polytek (Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request). It may come as a surprise to some that the Adult Toy industry is largely unregulated. Because of this, Tentickle is self-regulated through regular interactions with other independent toy makers and also with their customer base. These direct conversations with makers and the community help to continually improve practices for the whole industry, while we wait for the regulations to catch up.

Mass-produced toys from larger adult toy companies may be made from cheap materials such as vinyl and jelly rubber (and even sometimes claim to be silicone when they are actually a mix of less safe chemicals designed to imitate silicone!). Such toys often have a strong chemical smell, degrade or stain over time and their porous nature can trap bacteria which makes thorough cleaning impossible. Platinum silicone resembles the softness of human skin, has no discernible smell and can be sterilised effectively, lasting for many years if properly cared for.

How are Tentickle toys made?

The process starts with a rough sketch, which is then replicated using digital sculpting software and brought to life using a 3D printer. Once this 3D print has gone through a finishing process (i.e. sanding, filling, refining), a silicone mould is made of the item. This mould is tested to ensure functionality and to calculate the silicone required for a successful pour.

For each toy pour a two-part silicone is mixed and pigmented as required, and this mixture goes through a process of vacuum degassing to remove the majority of air bubbles that are introduced to the mixture during the initial mixing stages. The silicone mixture is poured into the mould using a variety of techniques to place the colours where required, although the hand-pouring process makes each toy unique.

Once the finished toy is removed from the mould it is soaked and washed in boiling water and detergent, and then scrubbed with alcohol prior to packing for dispatch.

What pigments do you use in your toys?

All pigments used are skin safe. These include mica cosmetic powder pigments and silicone pigment dispersions designed for use in platinum silicone. These are source from a few different suppliers (Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request).

How do I know which firmness option to choose?

Tentickle toys are offered in super soft, soft, medium and (in some cases) firm. To get technical for a moment, silicone firmness is measured on the shore hardness scale and the three firmness options are (roughly) shore OO20 (super soft), shore OO30 (soft), OO50 (medium) and 10A (firm). In relatable terms, think of "super soft" as resembling the feel of a soft gummy candy, "soft" as being like soft fleshy tissue, "medium" as similar to an unflexed muscle and "firm" as feeling like a flexed muscle.

The firmness becomes amplified as the product gets thicker, hence why some of products with a larger girth are not advisable as a firm option for most people’s bodies (it would feel similar to a hard plastic toy when used). It is also worth noting that choosing the soft or super soft option in some toys, particularly tall narrow designs, may result in an item that does not stand fully upright on its own (but still functions as a toy). This will usually be made known in the product description. Super soft and soft toys may prove tricky to use anally or when deep throating, as they tend to compress and widen when meeting the resistance of tight muscles.

If you are unfamiliar with platinum silicone toys, you can order the sample pack here so that you can handle the silicone before committing to a toy purchase. There is a also a video under the sample pack product photos which shows how the different firmness levels behave when they are handled and squeezed.

How do I look after my toy?

Silicone products can be cleaned by washing with warm water and antibacterial soap. Although new toys are boiled before sending to remove traces of release agent, if toys are regularly boiled for prolonged periods then the silicone may become firmer over time. Please take care to thoroughly clean any toys with crevices in the design, as these could trap bacteria if improperly cared for. Silicone-based lube should be avoided as it is possible for this to cause damage to the toy.

Care should be taken not to store silicone items with non-silicone toys or in fabric bags that have not been pre-washed, as this could damage or stain the silicone over time. If toys are placed on a porous surface such as untreated wood or cardboard, it is normal to see some oil migration stains (which is more prevalent in softer toys). Try not to compress silicone toys under a pile of toys over a long period of time, as this may warp the shape somewhat. Tentickle toys are durable but they can tear if they are cut into.

Can I commission a custom design?

Due to the fact that Tentickle is currently a company of one, it is not possible to take on one-off commissions. However, feedback and product suggestions are welcome and encouraged! Head over to the contact page and mark your message as 'Feedback'.