Lumpkin Sandworm UV squishy stimtoy #1 FLOP

Lumpkin Sandworm UV squishy stimtoy #1 FLOP

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Lumpkin is back for the Spooky Season! Their toothy joy and chubby cheeks are sure to melt your Halloween heart.

Set of 2. These will be either soft (OO30) or medium (OO50) - the firmness is not checked before listing.

Size: 4.8cm x 3cm (1.9in x 1.2in)

Reason for flop: a few tiny surface bubbles on each squishy



Squishies are not designed for internal use and are meant as a stimtoy or novelty item.

Free squishy may have slight imperfections such as tiny air bubbles due to late stage of leftover silicone pour.